Beautiful Watch

The watch looks amazing. The weight of the watch is solid. So far after I set the time, it lost five minutes. I will see if this continues in time. The pins for the strap links was a bit confusing . However, once I figured out their system it was fairly easy. Today the strap got disconnected. The screw holding it to the face was loose and came undone. Luckily for me I was able to locate all the pieces and put it back together. My suggestion to the company is to have better quality control before the watch is shipped.



Great watches.

Great watches. A little longer delivery time than promissed, but everything very visible

Uwe Mueller


Great Watch

Great Watch. Quick delivery. Clearly recommended.

Mohammad AlSwaidan


The product is excellent

The product is excellent . Customer service was amazing. It is my first experience and definitely it will not be the last.

Ole Morten Husøy


Poor quality strap

The watch is fine, but only after wearing it a few times, the strap simply ripped where connected to the watch. But Panzera were good about sending me a new one, even though they claim the strap is not normally included in the warranty. However, I am still a bit sceptical about the quality of their straps.



One wear, watch filled with water

I am very disappointed, but will be balanced. Very attractive looking watch, and the purchase experience and delivery and packaging was all professional. I bought the watch to take on holiday and wear at the was advertised as waterproof. Unfortunately on the very first wear in the sea it completely filled with water and was then ruined. Panzera service was responsive, I returned the watch to them, but they did not believe it was faulty. The price quoted to repair was almost the price of a new watch so i had to bin the watch... After 1 wear!!!! I love watches, and have acquired 15 or so (all more expensive than this) . I won't be making the mistake of buying anything else from Panzera.

Flavio Giaccaglia


il ricambio da me ordinato è arrivato…

il ricambio da me ordinato è arrivato nei tempi stabiliti ed è più completo di quanti mi aspettassi.




Fast shipping, customs charges resolved by themselves. Very nice watch.

Tony Kerr


Just bought my 3rd Panzera

Just bought my 3rd Panzera, an A45-D on a blue leather strap. Awesome. I think the watches look even better on the wrist than on the web site. Quality appears great, service as usual, impeccable. I happen to have a timegrapher, and one of my Automatic Panzeras is +5 seconds a day, the other +8 seconds a day. Pretty darn good. Now looking at a watch display case…then what next? I have seven Longines watches, 3 Quartz and 4 Automatics, these have been my day to day go to watches, but now there is some serious competition in the watch room. I also have about 40 seiko watches from the 1960’s to current models. The seiko movements are rugged and reliable. Oh well, my wine glass is empty, better move on. I hope to visit the Panzera watch plant in Sydney, the next time I am in Australia. Tony Kerr

Tony Kerr


Panzera Watches is amazing

Panzera Watches is amazing. I have just bought my 3rd watch, which is an A45-D. From their easy to use website, great communications, quick delivery, awesome products…Did I say I have just purchased my 3rd watch? I saw some feed back recently from a person (maybe Jason or James Atkinson). He has now bought four watches.. what better feedback could a company get? PS. Mr Atkinson now has 5 Panzeras. I will have to up my game..

Walter Volleman


Slechte kwaliteit horloge voor te veel geld.

Horloge zachtjes gestoten en is al kapot. Feed back van Panzera is zeer pover. Moest de horloge maar lokaal laten maken. Dus lokaal laten maken. Vandaag valt de horloge op het tapijt….weer kapot. Ik hè het horloge in totaal nog geen week gedragen. Conclusie: je betaald te veel geld voor slechte kwaliteit. Laatste keer dat ik online zoiets bestel.

R Cochrane


This is the second watch I have bought…

This is the second watch I have bought from Panzera and I just love it! Quality is outstanding, this time I bought the rubber strap and it is the highest quality I have seen and super comfortable.

Kenneth Toft Haslund


This is my first panzera watch

This is my first panzera watch. I was a little uncertain about the quality as I had not held it in my hand before I bought it. But was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the watch. It's actually very cool. I live in Denmark. I ordered the watch on a Monday and could pick it up on Saturday of the same week So when they say 5-7 days delivery, that's true. So if you are looking for a cool watch at a reasonable price, you should buy a Panzera watch.

davor covic


Beställde min Flieger 46 en tisdag

Beställde min Flieger 46 en tisdag, levererades på fredag samma vecka!!! Uret ser gedigen ut, inga anmärkningar. Håller uret den närmsta tiden kommer tillbaka, definitivt. Mega deal!



Yeah baby!

Great quality, endless style, dress up or dress down it's a winner. Refreshingly hassle free transaction with super quick delivery! Looking forward to my next order, keep up the good work Panzera 👏

Rob Isitt


Absolutely love my Flieger 46 automatic.

"Absolutely happy with my watch and the quick response on delivery. Over the moon. I’m so tempted to purchase another.

Todor Zhaygarov


Receive my watch and I am very happy

Receive my watch and I am very happy. Extraordinary quality on reasonable price. For sure will not be my only one

Robert Zbylut


Super nice watch

I just received my Panzera Time master 43. What a beautiful watch, the quality is amazing, it came with beautiful packaging and Swiss made certificate. This is my second Panzera watch, and 3rd one coming in November.I can honestly say that I would recommend this company to anybody that likes quality. PS. I am having a lot of positive feedback on my previous Panzera Aquamarine Pro diver 45 watch, people just love it when they see it.

Tony Kerr


I bought two different coloured straps…

I bought two different coloured straps to go with my two PANZERA watches. Great straps, very good communication, quick delivery, all good…

Klaus A.


Excellent Service from order to…

Excellent Service from order to deliver. Thanks.