Lovely selection of houseplants

Lovely selection of houseplants at my local garden centre, Alexandre Palace. Also the customer service provided by Ali is excellent! He is always very patient and full of knowledge. A great asset to your company!!



At last!

At last they seem to be turning this into a proper garden centre with more and varied stock, furniture and accessories. I have always found the staff to be more helpful and more cheerful than when it was Adrian Hall. We're so lucky to have somewhere like this on our doorstep and should all shop there to stop the site turning into something else in the future!

Derek Elias


Great help from Ali at AlyPally

Great help from Ali at AlyPally. Totally recommend. Derek Becky

Nikki Page


The staff are incredibly helpful

The staff are incredibly helpful. It’s a joy to go there.



Lovely spot

I visited Capital Gardens in Alexander palace today for the first time lovely selection of indoor plants and staff were so polite and helpful they also have a cafe which the staff were also so friendly and helpful i had a cappuccino and a carrot cake to die for really impressed with this centre will be bringing friends along next time for a shop and a coffee 🙂



What has happened to this lovely garden…

What has happened to this lovely garden centre cafe !! New staff in restaurant seem totally disorganised, no large cups available, didn't get the right milk either and the service was very slow. Reduced menu due to staff shortages which is disappointing. Used to love this cafe but think we will be looking elsewhere in future.

Corinne Bowler


Capital gardens Sherfield on loddon

Our visit today was lovely, the centre looks amazing , the food was delicious and beautifully presented. The covid rules were very good and complied with. We were served by Toby and his attention to detail, politeness, friendliness and kindness was a credit to the restaurant. Thank you for a lovely visit.



Amazing friendly service

I recently found a beautiful lollipop ‘tree’ during a lunch break at Capital Gardens. At over 8 foot tall, it was never going in my car 😂. Nothing was too much trouble for the team. They gave me great advice, helped choose a new pot, delivered my tree and repotted it! Fantastic professional friendly service. Very good value too!



Outrageous parking fines

Had a great time at the Wandsworth Garden Centre (Neals Nurseries) - so much so that we spent 2 1/2 hours shopping there. We were even willing to wait more than half an hour for a member of staff to assist us with choosing a barbeque. In total we spent just shy of £600 with them. And what did we get in return.... a parking fine of £100 for staying in their car park for more than 90 minutes. An absolute joke. Would prevent me from going back to what otherwise was a fantastic garden centre or any others in the group.




I'm writing my review on here after Capital Gardens ltd failed to respond to my customer service complaint from their site regarding absolutely poor service at the Wandsworth centre. I love coming to the Wandsworth centre, so much so I travel quite far on public transport to get there and have spent a ridiculous amount of money there as an avid house plant collector. The plant quality and price is second to none however sadly I don't think I'll be coming back due to such poor poor customer service I experienced recently. Two weeks ago I visited to collect terrarium plants and various bits to create them as gifts for Christmas. As I entered the gates I immediately saw the horticulture gravel and collect a large bag, is was of course extremely heavy so I saw four green baskets on wheels and picked one up to put my gravel bag in. I happily wandered indoors peacefully listening to my music when I was stopped abruptly by an angry older women (whitish grey hair maybe in her early 60s). She shouted "where did you get that basket!?!" At this point all other customers stopped to look. In embarrassment I explained I had collected it in the customer car park. She shook her head still frowning and said "well you shouldn't be using those they're old!!" Surprised at how she was treating a customer I didn't know what to do I just carried on looking hoping she might offer a replacement and perhaps grab one for me but no, she shook her head again and carried on replenishing shelves. Another customer looked at me confused and amused so I carried on into the houseplant home ware section. It completely tarnished my shopping experience so I just wanted to get what I needed and leave. If I hadn't traveled walked so far I would've left. I got my plants etc and decided to walk outdoors as I remembered I needed to buy a friend a birthday gift too and thought an alpine succulent arrangement would be nice. As I made my way over I saw that section had been blocked off as they were having Christmas tree deliveries. However, I could still still other customers shopping in that area so assumed maybe I had to follow a one way system to avoid the delivery unloads. So I asked another older lady who was wrapping Christmas trees for customers how I might enter. Abruptly she said "you can't!! We have deliveries". She didn't even look up or explain at what time I might be able to enter which would be BASIC customer service. To be honest, in my opinion, I thought she might ask what in the area I was interested in and perhaps offer to bring it over but no. She just ignored me. So that is two very very poor customer service interactions within the space of 10 minutes or less. I work in customer service in a very intense role and I know this is a testing time for everyone but wow, manners are just super basic that anyone should have in a role such as this. A garden centre should be a friendly environment, a little bit of escapism and be welcoming. After all they are being paid to represent a company and quite frankly they're doing a terrible job. At checkout, of course I ran straight there eager to get the hell out. One women looked insanely miserable I stood there a while waiting politely to be called forward to adhere to social distancing and she just sat there staring into the abyss. Realising she clearly couldn't be bothered to serve anyone I walked around to the second checkout by the exit door and was eventually greeted by a lovely guy who was very happy to help and made up for the absolute crap experience. When I came home I told my partner about the experience and she said "well what were you expecting, they were rude last week too" - we had actually gone for a Christmas tree the week before and didn't get one with our experience and I had totally forgot. It's cheaper but pay a bit more elsewhere for better service.

Stephen Hart


Very poor choice and disorganised

The Studley Green Garden centre was never a very good garden centre (compared to others in the local areas) so I was glad when Capital took it over thinking that they would inject some enthusiasm, new thinking and cash into it. 12 (?) months later it is probably worse than it was, very poor choice, poor signage and quite expensive. I can go there and hunt around to find (hidden away in a mixed display by the door) one variety of pyracantha or go on line and find multiple varieties at a lower price (albeit I do have to pay postage). Even without Covid why bother shopping here unless (as was the case with the pyracantha) I wanted something immediately as a gift.

Jo Lancaster


Christmas Shop

Another great Christmas department created by the lovely Carol and her team . Each year it is thoughtfully put together with an extensive range of decorations , candles and accessories. Always fun to visit .



Lovely assorted plants, so I thought.

Lovely assorted plants. A bit expensive but not extremely. However I have bought 2 plants, which one died and the other was broken when I was planting it. They used a basket to hide the fact that it was broken in the first and it was not cheap. No guidance on planting either on some of the plants. Will not be buying anymore plants from there anymore.

Customer Sara Varey


Lovely nursery

Lovely nursery, spoiled by the bunch of sharks that prosecutes for overstaying your welcome in the car park By 10 minutes . Civil Enforcement have been pursuing my husband for more than a year. He wasn’t driving, he has severe dementia, and I had spent £165 ... never again.

Megan Bergquist


Fantastic experience today getting a…

Fantastic experience today getting a hanging egg chair for the garden. I was so impressed by how helpful and polite every member of staff was. Also, how they went above and beyond to help move the garden furniture and put it in my car without needing to be asked. Such a stress-free and calm experience. Thank you!

Corinne Bowler


Today I visited Capital Gardens at…Sherfield On Loddon .....

Today I visited Capital Gardens at Sherfield on Loddon. Being my first visit out since lockdown began, apart from a few food shopping trips, I was rather nervous about how things would be. I had no reason to be nervous. The car park has been appropriately marked off in compliance with social distancing and had 2m sections for queuing. There are very helpful members of staff, all with PPE, to advise and ensure that only a few customers go in to the centre at a time. Once I was at the front of the queue I was informed that trolleys and baskets were sanitised after each use, and indeed I saw this in progress. There was also a sanitising station should any customer wish to use it. I knew what I wanted to buy and made my way around the centre which was clearly marked with informative notices and safe passageway around and to the tills where again there was social distance compliance at each till. Each customer is then called forward to compete their purchase. The till staff were all in PPE. Thank you Capital Gardens, your efforts and arrangements are outstanding and certainly made a difference to my day in these difficult times.

Christopher Barr


Bubble and Squeak....... yum, yum

Popped into the Sherfield on Loddon GC for a browse and a cup of coffee. I noticed Bubble & Squeak on the menu so thought I'd give it a go as I'd missed out at Xmas....... and I'm really pleased I did! It was delicious, lovely and creamy in the middle and crisp on the outside, with lovely crispy smoked bacon and a fried egg to top it off (not forgetting the excellently drizzled brown sauce). The portion size was great value for money and I will be coming back for more. Looking forward to seeing what else the head chef Tracey adds to the menu.......'Toad in the Hole'? Staff were extremely friendly, helpful and polite especially as they were very busy. Strongly recommend.



Great cafe, till staff disappointing

I recently attended the garden centre cafe for lunch on Monday 23/12/2019 at around 1300hrs. I ordered lunch and I was very happy with the quality of food and the young male who was waiter, he was pleasant and professional. I was however very disappointed with the service at the till, at the time of ordering food It was quiet and there were 2 young ladies serving both with dark hair and sadly they were both more interested in having a private chat with each other rather than prioritising their customers, one of the girls called the other Harriet. There was a lady customer in front of me waiting to pay whilst they girls carried on chatting between themselves leaving the lady to wait. There were no knives available and I asked the girls to get me one and one of them brought the knives out whilst I waited at the till and she just placed them in the cutlery holder and did not hand me one. Whilst eating I observed a couple return their used plates and cutlery to the till area after eating and they were not even acknowledged by these 2 girls Harriet and not sure of the other girls name. Sadly, these 2 girls were a disappointment and lacked any customer service whatsoever, also with no thank you after payment etc, every other member of staff seemed to be so busy at the time. The garden centre itself is great and is well stocked.

Mrs Sasha Alexander


I have been fined £293 for parking at…

I have been fined £293 for parking at Neals Nurseries, I provided proof of purchase and called the Nursery where I was told it was my fault as there are signs. I was prepared to believe this was a mistake and sent proof of purchase three times by post to Capital head office, the rudeness on the phone ruined the visit we had. I was taking my friend as a treat after she had in hospital so we took longer to walk around. I can't believe this has happened. My calls have been ignored and I had no response to my written proof. I had a message back on line offering £100 of vouchers but these never arrived and this is such a shame because it could have been prevented from the start.

Lyn Church


Great service.

I was surprised and delighted when I visited the Sherfield on Loddon nursery today and spotted a lovely Cercis Forest Pansy. I have been looking for this tree for some time. The staff couldn’t have been more helpful, Philip delivered it the same day, excellent service and a good stock of healthy plants. I shall definitely be back.