The KegalSmart pelvic exerciser I use is really…

The KegalSmart device I use is really good. I recommend that. The after service is most excellent. The lady I emailed was lovely, so caring and gave me very good advice. Couldn't ask for better with a company. Only wish other companies handled their customers in the same caring way.



Don’t waste money on the Ziggy Cup

I wouldn’t recommend purchasing the Ziggy Cup. I have watched their video, read their leaflet and had extra tips from customer service and the fact is, it just doesn’t work! I have placed it exactly where they have advised, checked that it’s not moving, and it still doesn’t work. I have tried it for two periods now, and I’ve had to wear pads / period pants every time because of how much it leaks. It barely collects anything and I can’t really see how it ever would. Even if it did stay in place and collect blood, it’s sooo messy to pull out that it’s just completely unpractical unless you’re at home and next to a sink or removing it in the shower. I’m going back to my trusty menstrual cup. Company itself is fine - products arrived ok and customer service is quick but I can’t rate it for that when the product doesn’t work.

Hayley E.


Awesome customer service

I'm a first-time cup user and I decided to buy Intimina's Lily cup one because it's said to be the perfect beginner's cup. When I got it, I had problems inserting it and it was painful in the beginning. I emailed Intimina's customer service who patiently guided me throughout this process. I've learned so much from them. Highly recommended.

Ray Pax


Commande passée il y a 6 jours et…

Commande passée il y a 6 jours et aucune nouvelle. Pas de mail de confirmation malgré un mail envoyé afin de demander où est ma commande ! Je vais devoir lancer la procédure paypal afin d’être remboursé. Je ne recommande absolument pas ce site.

Neil Moloney


Great customer service

Great customer service. Really friendly and prompt response to my enquiry, providing me research evidence to give me the best answer . Excellent!



Fantastic Customer Support

I ordered the Lily Cup and the Ziggy Cup. So far I have been happy with the Lily Cup (only used it through one cycle). I had ordered the Ziggy Flex Cup at the same time, but the packaging was open upon arrival so I had to send it back for a replacement. Customer support was FANTASTIC in regards to getting my a replacement issued immediately.



Good experience

Had a pretty good experience with ordering the package over their site. Product was safely guarded in the box, and I was quite happy to see it that safe! So when I opened the package, it was like a ceremonial thing!



PLEASE fix the packaging

So excited about my Ziggy Cup but the packaging it comes in, oh my god! THE PLANET IS IN CRISIS Intimina, what were you thinking?!??!?! You had to DHL me a box that could hold two large books and then inside I find a giant hard plastic shell just to hold this little lipstick-sized device? You know your customers care about the environment, otherwise you wouldn't plaster it all over your webpage. Please apply environmental consciousness to the packaging too. It made me physically cringe.

Jūlija Sendija


Had a lily cup and loop broke in third…

Had a lily cup and loop broke in third cycle. Costumer service said it's normal and encouraged to keep using it. Then came the struggle and suffering to remove cup, along with it was scratching and and cutting my tissues down there. How is it "normal" producing product, that breaks so easily and how it is okay to recommend keep using broken product. Then maybe produce products without parts that are "normal" to be broken. Other than that cup is also leaking quite often. Not recommend.

Mariana SanCal


This has been the best cup and customer…

This has been the best cup and customer service that I have had. They are so profesional but at the same time they do everything really personal, kind and in with the best intentios. Im in love with INTIMINA <3

Katalin Garasos


Excellent and fast customer care

Excellent and fast customer care

Samantha Anderson


Communication on point

Product had late arrival, and I was already getting into the mood for refund, thinking it will never come... I contacted customer service, and they found latest info on my purchase, and shared updated information on the product. Info was correct and I got my package exactly when the CS lady told me



Happy with the way they handled it

I ordered a cup but did not receive the right size. I was really frustrated because I had been looking forward to this cup. I contacted the client service right away. I did not get through at first but it did not last long either. The problem was fixed and I got my cup in a few days. Unnecessary waste of time but a good reaction.

Aline A.


Produits de qualité et Livraison ultra rapide

Non seulement les produits sont de qualité et avec des packagings hygiéniques, mais j'ai été particulièrement surprise de la rapidité d'envoi ! Et que la livraison offerte soit effectuée par DHL !

Janet Hicks


Efficient customer service

Efficient customer service. I had problems with the delivery of the product I had ordered. The problem was solved in 2 days. Thanks.



Excellent customer service and really…

Excellent customer service and really fast delivery. Croatia-UK in 4 working days.




So happy with my Ziggy cup, no leakage, easy to insert and take out, beautiful design, good quality. Incredible customer service, even after sales!



I bought the ziggy cup and…

I bought the ziggy cup and unfortunately it split in the side with just 2 uses, so I contacted their team and they were quick to respond and they had offered to replace my ziggy cup for me. They had good costumer service.

Kimberley Vitto


Awesome products, awesome service

The products are always great! the customer service too!!! Even the after-sales service is beyond awesome. Great job, people from Intimina! ❤️

Sofia Pacheco


5 stars!

5 stars!! I love my lily cup!! They helped me with high cervix questions and it worked. Lily cup is the right cup, super soft, doesn't hurt putting it in, and it doesn't leak! ❤️