Karl J


Great product but

Great product, but terrible customer service. They're offering coupons that disappear right before you check out. A typical bait and switch tactic to draw in traffic! Additionally, the customer service rep basically said "sorry" and to move along. Well, for what they're charging, I'm sure I can find the same quality elsewhere with better customer service.

Teresa Genato


I love to cook

I love to cook. I tried Hex clad because of all the hype about it and there are absolutely no regrets. These pans are amazing. They cook evenly and don't burn. I loved it so much that I have started giving my 6 kids a piece every Christmas to complete their collection. They all screamed when they opened their gifts the first time because they too heard about Hex Clad. Now, they look forward to opening their presents every Christmas to see what I've added to their collection!

Katherine Sung


These are the best pots and pans on the…

These are the best pots and pans on the market. Easy to clean and great for constant use. Great array of sizes and the glass lids are perfect.

Kurt Nierode


I love this set that I got on there…

I love this set that I got on there black Friday sale. I bought other brands for a long time and always end up throwing them out but when I purchased Hex Clad they are the best I ever owned nothing sticks and they are easy to clean afterwards I highly recommend HexClad.



The best set of pots and pans I’ve ever owned!

I was hesitant to purchase these pot and pans at first. I’ve purchased brands before that cost in the thousands of dollars only to be disappointed. I purchased a whole set with their Black Friday pricing at half the cost of other sets I’ve owned. These are by far the best pots and pans I’ve ever owned. Food cooks evenly, no sticking and cleaning is a breeze. I highly recommend this brand!

Sarah leclercq-Thain


The customer service is appalling

The customer service is appalling. My item was shipped late. Then sent to the wrong address. They have not even tried to resolve the issue, offer a replacement or refund. I’m looking into taking this further. This is an awful company. Do not shop with them.



I love my new pan

I love my new pan. It heats up very fast, and you use less energy. It is a wonderful experience.

Valerie Chavez


Late shipping

My partner loves cooking and thats why I decided to buy a wok for him. However, its been like 2 weeks and my order hadn't even shipped. I'm so dissapointed because it was suppose to be a nice surprise. I wonder now when is it going to arrive? They charged the money from my account a long time ago. In the website says 1-2 days, misleading advertising!!



These pans made my life so easier. Great quality

These pans made my life so easier. Easy to clean.

Wayman Nordstrom


HexClad customer service is wonderful

HexClad customer service is wonderful, they just replaced a 12" pan I have had since 2018 with a defect issue. There was no issues at all and KateT was super understanding. Last year I bought the set of pots and pans to add to my pans. I Love this HexClad set, so easy to work with and clean up. This year I bought my wife the Hybrid Deep Saute' Pan/Chicken Fryer with Lid to complete our set.

Sharmin Charania


I am really happy with customer service…

I am really happy with customer service provided by David for the replacement of cookware.



I received a code for referral for the…

I received a code for referral for the free bowels but the code won’t work must be scam due to endless sales it won’t take code what a scam

Rudy Pierce


The best cookware ever!his is the best cookware we have ever…

This is the best cookware we have ever owned. Heats up quickly, evenly and the clean up is so easy. You can just wipe them out.

California cook


Great customer service people (I think they are people but may be robots) but bad policy

i had to return my pans because I could not scramble eggs in them without sticking. The pans are promoted and advertised for their superior non stick performance, including videos of eggs sliding all around the pans. Once I contacted the company for the return they agreed to replace the pans, but in a fairly vague and ambiguous manner (acknowledging that the pans were in fact designed to be non stick for cooking eggs but that they were "making an exception" to do a return). And I had to pay for the return which cost me $90. Not good. Would have been better to just own up to the problem - something along these lines - "if the pans stick when cooking eggs they are not functioning as advertised and sold and will be replaced" asap. And pay for the return shipping. After all, the product did not work. After the initial response the customer service team was very responsive and professional. The people were great and would have gotten five stars. I rated overall more like 3.5 stars due to the initial weasaly language and having to pay $90 for the return. I hope the new ones work as advertised and dont stick when I scramble eggs!

Mr Paul Fountain


Great customer service

In my view, HexClad cookware is beautifully designed and top quality. I did report after 2 years use an issue with one of my pans non stick coating. I contacted HexClad and after answering a few questions they let me know that the pan was to be replaced. The process took 24 hours and in my view emphasises the lifetime warranty guarantee. You really do get what you pay for.

Faith Dollar


Great Customer Service

After having my pan for a year it got wore down a little bit and the nonstick didn't work like it was supposed to in a few spots. I contacted them about the warranty and they are sending a replacement one! Great customer service and it lives up to the lifetime warranty!

Ruslan T


I bought a set of 3 pots and 3 pans on…

I bought a set of 3 pots and 3 pans on black Friday. It was delivered quickly. I immediately prepared all the pots and pans as it says on their website. All pots and 2 pans were of excellent quality and cooking on them was a pleasure, but the third pan, medium size (25 cm) was defective, I realized this because whatever I cooked food burned in 3 of the same places. I found this out during the first 3-5 days of use. I wrote to tech support via instagram. They asked for pictures, so I took pictures of the clean pan from all sides and sent them. Then they asked me to heat the pan with oil 3 times, wash and try again. I said I had already done this, but I did it anyway just to be sure. Nothing changed, food still burns in the same three places. Then they asked for a picture, sent it. Then again they asked me to heat the pan with oil 3 times and send photos again, which I did. Nothing has changed. They thought about it for a couple days and then sent me this reply! "Unfortunately, at this time, HexClad has denied your claim as the issue falls outside of the confines of our warranty guidelines. With this being said, we truly value our customers and want to make a one-time exchange exception in the interest of customer satisfaction. We’re glad that we were able to assist you with your issue! Your 25 cm pan is approved for replacement!" In other words despite it being a 100% warranty issue they were so arrogant they couldn't admit it and also made me look guilty of everything. However, they sent a new pan because they know it was their fault. They have completely lost my loyalty as a customer. I will never buy anything from them again. Moreover, my friends wanted to buy the same cookware and I talked them out of it. Order Number: HCCA1788 UPD! "our team offered a one-time goodwill gesture to ensure customer satisfaction" What a gesture of goodwill! You sent a defective product that immediately after being properly prepared did not work properly. I don't think you're from this planet at all.... It's 100% your fault and it's good that you fixed it, even if in such an ugly way! Omg...facepalm

John-Kenneth Fedøy


Missing order

I purchased the 7 piece set about a week ago, and was promised shipping within 1-2 business days. No further information from HexClad since the purchase. Now I am wondering if this is another scam company...



Fabulous cookware!

I bought this large pot for my brother-in-law as he is a wonderful cook and loves to prepare food for everyone. I sent him a set of the pots last Christmas and he has raved about them. He is very happy adding this to his collection.

Joe Casalena



I happen to love cooking and dont ask me why i wasted thousands of dollars over the last 40 years on subpar cookware sets. I only had the option of selecting one topic and i choose Quality , but i would have chosen all of them. This set of cookware is unbelievable and the performance on and how well they cook your dishes are second to none. I must tell you for years i always cooked and ordered my steak medium well plus , because i hated to see red bloody meat. The first night i cooked my steak on medium to high temperature for three minutes each side i was shocked. I let the steak stand for five minutes before i cut into my steak and i saw juicy red meat. I was ready to cry because i knew i wouldn’t eat anything that looked that red and i couldn’t imagine ever even trying a bite. WOW was i WRONG. This meat was seared on the outside and they slightly crispy but to my surprise and delight the steak had no bloody tasty at all. All the years of eating over cooked with high temperatures or and meats tasting like leather would have been eliminated if i chose HexClad . Six minutes and the best tasting steak i ever cooked. Another plus was i was able to purchase 7 pcs for only $349 with no shipping. I found the best deal was for spending money for pans, wok or 13” skillet. I didn’t think spending money for pots that normally i use for boiling water for pasta or heating up sauce. My final comment was how I cleaned up with warm water and dish soap so effortlessly, best cookware and so affordable. Joe Casalena Wilton Manors Fl **UPDATE I SPOKE TO FAST** After I reviewed the 12” pan i used the 13” Skillet for eggs and was horrible the eggs slipped into the edge around the skillet and the eggs didn’t cook evenly and overcooked them. I contacted HexClad customer service and was not at all satisfied with there comments. I then tried a 4 egg omelet with cheese and mushrooms and sausage in the 12” deep frying pan on 3 low setting and I couldn’t turn it because the omelet stuck to the pan and burned the cheese, another wasted meal and clean up was not as easy as when i cooked my steak. I contacted customer service for a second time and same response nothing they could do I even said i was so unhappy and upset that i was going to return my whole order and ask her for a return pre paid shipping label. He was there final response below. BEWARE OF HEXCLAD Hello Joseph, Thank you for contacting HexClad's customer support team. As previously stated, we are dedicated to providing best-in-class service. We are so sorry to see you go. All return requests can be processed through our return portal. If you decide to purchase your own labels for return, please include your Full name and Order# on the return form below and place it inside of one of the boxes for our return center to process your return. For your convenience, our shipping address is: 500 South Anderson St, Los Angeles, CA 90033. Since we do not charge a restocking fee like most other companies, the return shipping cost is the sole responsibility of the customer and will be deducted from your refund if a HexClad issued pre-paid label is utilized for the return. When you are ready to send back the order, please make sure that the items have been packed with care and you obtain a copy of your UPS drop-off receipt as your refund may be adversely affected if items do not arrive or arrive damaged due to improper packing. Once received and inspected by our distribution center, our return center will issue a refund for the order minus any applicable shipping costs. Please allow approximately 7 to 10 business days for the refund to be reflected back on your original method of payment. If you are in need of any further assistance, please feel free to respond to this email. We are always available to assist you Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time. Thank you for choosing HexClad and have a wonderful rest of your day. Thank you, Brenda I. Customer Service Agent, HexClad Cookware HexClad Help Center ​