Heather Arcay



Delicious, flavorful, bold. I’m new to Spirit Animal but love it so far. My only concern is the price. I am however an affiliate marketer through ShareASale.

New Colorado Resident


The Catuai and Bourbon has an exquisite naturally sweet flavor that eschews any need for sweetener or creamer!

My brothers, Tony (2yrs. younger) and Tim (8yrs. younger) and I have a standing call every Sunday at 10AM CT. A few weeks ago the topic of conversation got around to how much we miss Honduran coffee. When we were kids in Honduras, my Dad, who worked for the United Fruit Co. (now United Brands) had a friend that owned the Kattan Coffee Company. He produced a label called Blue Room Coffee, especially for the Blue Room at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans. Mr. Kattan would give my Dad a half dozen bags every time we visited. As a result of Tony, Tim and my reminiscing about the goodness of Honduran coffee, I went on line and found this "Espiritu de Animal" (Spirit Animal) coffee, ordered it and sent them each a bag, which we then all sampled during one of our calls! The 90.5 Pt. rated Catuai and Bourbon has an exquisite flavor, but since, it is a medium roast, I have found that a fine grind brings out the most robust flavor. Since, it is naturally sweet, in my humble opinion, it should never be adulterated with a sweetener or creamer. I drink 10 cups per day and never tire of the flavor nuances and fresh goodness that comes with the quick delivery after roasting, and the fact that it is grown in the shade at high altitudes! Thank you, Paul Gromek and your Team at Spirit Animal coffee!

New Colorado Resident


Note that this review is for the 88Pt Caturra Label.

Note that this review is for the 88Pt. Caturra Label coffee. It was truly excellent and I fully expect that the 90.5Pt rated Catuai and Bourbon is even that much better. I consider myself somewhat of a connoisseur of good coffee and consume about 10 cups per day (I work a 4:00AM to 4:00PM day!) I have sampled coffees from all over the globe and am particularly glad to see the Honduran coffees coming into their own recognition. These micro-lot coffees coming from a single plantation, and grown at high altitude in the shade, have very distinctive flavors and could be compared to the exclusivity of single malt scotch's coming from one distillery.

Susan Douglas


Love this coffee and this company!

Love this coffee and this company! Very tasty and very responsive. Best, Sue



After my first cup.

Maybe I don't have the refined palate that many of your customers do, but I was unable to appreciate that much difference between your coffee and a local roastery here in Tallahassee. Nevertheless, SpiritAnimal must be superior because of the grading you receive. Thank you for the many ways you take care of your farmers. Greg

Félix Medina


Best Coffee Ever.

Best Coffee Ever. The presentation was spectacular, the box is a beauty, arrived on time, and the coffee was very fresh... just days from being harvested. The best thing that could ever happen though, was my first sip next morning. 100% Awesomeness. 100% my spirit animal.



The freshest coffee!

The presentation was excellent, the coffee was fresh and the taste was amazing! I got it shortly after placing my order.

Tim T



I signed up for the subscription and have been so happy to try their different flavors! Everything is roasted, packed and air shipped within a short period of time. Try Spirit Animal Coffee! You won’t regret it.

Jakub Sarzynski


Great Coffee

Really like the purpose of the company caring about local farmers, concentrating on the organic high quality coffee. Was not sure about the taste after first few cups but then learned to really appreciate it. Could drink it all the time although trying to limit myself to 2 times a day 🙂

Bruno Barraq


These guys made me rethink what good coffee tastes like.

I've always been a huge fan of good coffee. Or at least I thought so. Then one day, just before Christmas, my friend introduced me to Spirit Animal's coffee. It was an IHCAFE/Lempira. And boom. I have never tried a coffee that tastes this good. Creamy, hints of honey, and naturally sweet (but not too much). A+. Congrats you guys, and keep up making such amazing coffee!!!