Jayb Agbayani Heimmermann


Health has improved Tenfold!

First of all the difference the food has made in the health of my two Frenchie’s has been night and day! I used to bring Belle to the vet once a month for her allergy injection and both Beau and Belle had constant digestive issues. One month transitioning them from kibble to The farmers dog fresh recipe and their digestive issues are gone, Belle’s itchiness is has nearly stopped and I expect it to be gone completely soon if it continues on this path. I highly recommend feeding your dogs fresh food like the Farmer’s Dog. If it improves the health of my dogs and provides them more time on this earth it’s worth every penny not matter the cost!

Anna Roventini


I had a great experience dealing with…

I had a great experience dealing with customer service. The agent was understanding and was able to help me exchange the food for a different protein. The Farmers Dog food is great quality food that has changed my French Bulldog ! I highly recommend it

Robert Cbus


What a shady business

What a shady business! If you have a budget, do NOT order from this company. They lured me in with a 50% off for a 14 day order at $35 which ended up lasting me 28 days instead. I called the company to change my 14 day order to a 28 day order and the cost is somehow $95 according to The Farmer’s Dog. My calculator says $35x2 is $70 but after a long winded reply by the nice young person she stated that excuse is why your same exact order that was half off for $35 is now magically $95 for the full price. I had $70 per month in my budget but did not have $95 per month. Unfortunately they have me over a barrel because now my dog has adjusted to the food and don’t really want to change her diet and start making my own, but I have no choice. Go to find out there is a huge community out there of people that share recipes for making your own dog food at home. Shame on you! Farmer’s Dog.

CherylAnn Oberg


Nutritious but trouble with Cavapoo eating it

I thought the food seemed nutritious and great care was taken in the packaging and mailing. Customer service was prompt, and friendly. My biggest issue is that I have a Cavapoo girl, 3 years old, and she is incredibly picky. She will hold out on eating for two or more days if she wants what we are eating. She was eating the Farmers Dog fine for a few days but then she wouldn't touch it. She will not eat any other food but Purina Pro in the can, andI wanted to give her fresher food. It is troubling that she will not eat it. Worse, I have $85 worth of food because I missed the shipping deadline.



Definitely worth it especially for picky eaters

Casey has been great with working with me for my dog who is absolutely 100% the most pickiest eater and I have yet to get him to eat this food longer than 30 seconds lol which is definitely a very very good thing because I have been lucky enough to have been mommy for 2 years now and this is the first food he's had that he has definitely stayed on for more than a few days. Thank you very much for putting out such a great healthy and quality food and wonderful people who actually do work with you and definitely have your best interests at heart...wish I knew about you all a lot sooner, definitely worth purchasing especially if you have a picky eater..

Tammy Leonard


We are a three dog family

We are a three dog family. Tank is a Shepard Healer mix, his mom Lady, and a Catahoula. All 3 are very special to us and since the switch to The Farmers Pet 6 months ago heres the AMAZING changes weve seen. Lady just turned 10, her eyes were becomming milky, she had joint pain, skin tags were appearing on her face. 6 months of The Farmers Pet and her joint pain had subsided, her coat looks amazing, the skin tags are gone and her eyes are no longer milky. Tank recently had TPLO knee surgery. He had started gaining alot of weight but with TFP he became a whole new dog. He was at 81 pounds but in a year hes down to 65 pounds and is back to his active lifestyle. Beauty never enjoyed kibble, she would take pieces from the bowl, set them by us eat, food was never exiting to her until we switched to TFP. Now her energy is up, her coat and muscle tone look amazing and now when its dinnertime she dances from the kitchen to the dining room and a 40 minute bowl of regular kibble now is a 7 minute feeding frenzy with the other dogs. Thank you TFP for your amazing product and love of dogs.

Sharon Mezulis


I will update again as I give them more…

I will update again as I give them more time, but had to jump on here because I am either witnessing a miracle or this food is already making a huge difference. I have 2 senior 70 lb bully dogs, so the decision to make this investment didn't come lightly after the year of vet bills I've had. So in day 5 of 50/50 old/new food transitioning here goes... Nola B has Valley Fever. While she had started to improve her appetite was still off and energy low. This morning she just did wild zoomies all around the back yard! I haven't seen that in a year. And she cleans her bowl. Cosmo is a 12 year old rescue with a LOT of medical issues. The last month his arthritis has progressed to what looks like a neuro issue with foot drag. I've had to use a walking aid sling to help him get out back to go potty. He just stood up on his own and walked all the way out back. I have made no other changes, it has to be the food. I didn't not expect to see results so fast.



Customer service is lack luster

I have contacted customer service numerous times to address the issues of delivery to work with my schedule so I can ensure I receive the fresh food when I am home secondary to work constraints. After 3 phone calls, I spoke with someone who noted that we circumvented the problem. My deliveries started routinely arriving on days when I was home. Then, slowly the days kept being pushed back until again, I am never home when the perishable food arrives. I cancelled the subscription but still another box of food was sent and will not be delivered as my mail is on hold for vacation. When contacting the company, I was told this was my fault that the food will be delivered after the dry ice has long since evaporated. Would you not think that when you cancel a subscription, it is cancelled? I am now at a loss of $180. With respect to their food choices, my dogs refused to eat the chicken formulation. Both of my dogs would rather not eat for day instead of eating it. I lost so much money with these packs in my freezer.

Stephanie Nash


Dog loves the taste - and great customer service

this is the one food that my puppy always instantly liked. At one point, I served only it - and later, I started using it as a treat/supplement to an air-dried food. But a real reason for the 5 stars is the customer service. I get a text from Casey every time an order has been delivered. And once, when the order was inadvertently delivered behind my building in the alley (and then someone else picked it up), Casey saw that a replacement shipment was sent within 2 days - at no additional cost to me. He responds immediately to texts and is kind, supportive and quite helpful. You can’t beat that kind of customer service.

Selma Odobasic


Healthy pup, happy me

I tried this on a whim, after endless searching for the best dog food for my new pup. She never really liked dry food and had insanely bad GI issues on Hills Science Diet and Purina Pro Plan (brands friends and vets and everyone was reccomending to me). I decided to give Farmers Dog a try after realizing that a raw diet was just not in my cards to do for her right now. And she loves it! She licks the entire bowl clean and is always full. The packages come right on time, you can customize how frequently you need it, you can reschedule if something pops up, they send you texts/emails to remind you of the next box, and she loves all 4 recipes. The only thing to consider is the cost, but the trial box was 50% off and I'll take paying more for my dogs food if that means her GI issues arent a problem anymore. She has a shiny coat, endless energy, great teeth, and perfect poops on this food. Thank god honestly, it can be so hard to figure out what food works best for your pup.

Alex Smith


Fast customer service response

My last 3 orders have all cost more, each time. When I contacted customer service, they said they cannot find my account to cancel... But are able to still keep charging me. Update 11/9/23: I was contacted asking to provide more info, or my review would be taken down. Requested info was provided Update 11/10/23: Customer service did reach out to me via phone and email, that does carry weight regarding their service level and was appreciated. I will be raising my review from 1 star to 4 due to this fact. I have nothing bad to say about their product, I think they are doing a great thing. I unfortunately had a bad experience partially due to my misunderstanding of their service and a poor encounter with customer service to begin with. They have remedied the customer service issues.

Jen DuBois


Totally worth it

Wow. What a difference this food makes in how I feel when I feed my dog--which is NOT GUILTY. First off, it seems expensive, but it's not really. I was feeding my dog 2 cans of "healthy" food at $2.50 each per day--and you can easily find canned food for well over $3 per day. So if you are one of those people who thinks you are feeding your dog premium food because it's expensive, you should definitely switch. I pay just over $5 a day to feed her Farmer's Dog. I think people think it's expensive because they feel they need to feed their dog a lot of food. You don't. Stick to the recommended portioning. Farmer's Dog says dogs drink less water eating FDog, due to the high water and nutrient content of the food. I have found that to be the case as well, which makes me wonder why she needed to drink so much eating canned food--to many carbs? Sometimes I add a little hot water and make it into a stew, which she loves. I do think my dog wants to eat more and may feel a little hungry at times, but I do give her treats just about every day so it balances out, and it's not like she's dropping a lot of weight. Bottom line, Farmers is not that much more expensive than any "grain free" or "wholesome" canned food daily serving and is far far better as you can tell by the poops, which are clean and no longer runny nor smelly. My dog just seems to have more energy, is excited to eat and doesn't leave her food sitting out all day because it has no flavor. Only issue is now she thinks whenever I am in the kitchen I am making her Farmer's Dog. Finally, delivery is reliable, food arrives solidly frozen, easy to store flat in freezer. Now if only they made cat food...



We love Farmer's Dog!

I have used Farmer's Dog for my Chinese Crested/Pomeranian mix since March 2023. After the first two days eating this food, my dog had more energy. She was a very picky eater, but not with Farmer's Dog meals. Shipments have always been on time and the meals were always frozen. Customer service is excellent; they are very flexible and are eager to help if there is a problem. It is a little more expensive, but I used to throw out so much food that she refused to eat. Now she still eats well, and poops less, which tells me there are much less 'fillers' in the food. My dog will be 13 in February, but still moves like a puppy at times. I highly recommend Farmer's Dog!



Gastritis, diarreah and mucoid stools thanks to the Farmers Dog.

Bought a customized meal plan and it looks the same as all of the other meals they have to offer. Delivered semi-frozen and quickly put into my freezer. Started a few days later with 1/4 of the Turkey recipe and my dog now has severe gastritis, diarreah and mucoid tinged with blood for 5 days straight: up 3 times a night to go out and squatting with only mucous tinged with blood. Took pup to the ER and is on antibiotics and probiotics and now on plain boiled chicken and rice. Traumatized my entire household as we’ve never seen our dog sick like this. Mucous leaking from his anus when he urinates. I complained to their customer service and they refunded me but when I brought up the vet bill they asked for a letter from tge the vet to pinpoint exactly that the food caused the issue and want to be able to call the vet to discuss. Outrageous! NEVER EVER buy this product for your dog.



This food has made so much of a…

This food has made so much of a difference in my dogs life. 6 months ago when I got the free trial of the farmers dog it seemed like a last resort. Right before, my dog was diagnosed with leukemia, she lost tons of weight, was refusing to eat, and I thought that she would be gone in weeks. We started doing chemo treatments and I was trying everything to get her to eat. She kept refusing, so I ordered the trial of the farmers dog. Let me tell you, this girl LOVES THIS FOOD. Through chemo treatments and a well-balanced diet....she's doing the best that she can. She actually gained weight, has so much energy, and if you didn't know what her bloodwork looked like, you wouldn't think she was sick. Thank you for caring so much about our furry family.

Brad Bowling


My boxer has a sensitive stomach and…

My boxer has a sensitive stomach and has never had a solid stool in his life until I started using Farmers dog. It is expensive so I use 1 pack for 4 days and supplement with a kibble dry dog food. In the morning I give him 1 hard boiled egg with the Farmers Dog. He devours the Farmers dog food in less than a minute.



Their website requires all this info…

Their website requires all this info just to get a quote. Why can't they just make it simple and easy? That already sends up red flags. Additionally, be prepared to spend $8 to $20 a day! Yes you read that correctly, $8 to $20 a day to feed your dog. Who can afford that? I guess this website was designed for the rich

Chris Heinbaugh


20 bucks feeds my dog all week

Ok first of all I havnt tried this and never will . If you look at the company’s and MEDIA outlets promoting this service you will soon realize these reviews are correct but you will have to be your on judge . I’m a dog breaded and lover and I make all my own dog food it’s cheap and very good . Boiled chicken with carrots peas and sweet potatoes is all you have to do . I made FIVE pounds for 20 bucks and so can you don’t waste your money

margaret hutchinson


I had been a huge fan of The Farmer's…

I had been a huge fan of The Farmer's Dog, and I believed that their product would be an amazing choice for my Toy Sized Mini Schnauzer. As a new puppy I decided to give this food instead of “puppy food” because I believed that he would grow and develop very healthy. BUT, By my third order, my dog did not want to eat the chicken formula. (They had changed the recipe and I thought that would explain it.) However, one by one, my dog started walking away from the different formulas.I tried everything they suggested to get him eating the food. I found that adding a little freshly cooked, hamburger, steak. Pork loin, or eggs would get him eating some, but he was crafty about picking out the added goodies. Anyway It sort of defeats the purpose of paying for this expensive food if I have to cook something to add to it. His favorite food was the Pork recipe, and my last order was both the pork and Turkey recipe.But, He just won’t eat it. My last order was August 26, 2023, Today is October17, and I still have 15 packs left. I still try to get him eating it and he will take a couple bites if I hand feed it. Incidentally , I noticed that while hand feeding, the food leaves a thick. Greasy film on my fingers that is very difficult to wash out. (?Fish Oil?)I’m wondering if this food also leaves a thick coating on his throat? Although this food did not work out for me and my tiny dog, I still believe that it is the healthiest choice for your dog, albeit expensive. I still have 15 packages left and I will keep trying, But I just can’t continue buying an expensive food that he just won’t eat. If the farmers dog company decides to try making a formula for picky little eaters. I would certainly be in line to give that a try. I think removing the Fish oil would be a good step. Margaret H Reply to FARMERS DOG comment. Even though it is only a small amount of fish oil, remember who your target audience is: the most incredible noses in the world.



Milo and Luna have spoken

Milo and Luna have spoken, and their love for Farmer's Dog is nothing short of heartwarming. Right from the start, their enthusiastic appetite for this food speaks volumes. It's not often our furry companions are so eager to enjoy their meals, and the fact that they're not just eating but eagerly waiting for their Farmer's Dog meals is a testament to the quality and taste that this food offers. Luna's newfound morning enthusiasm is a clear indicator of how much they adore this food. It's amazing to witness how quickly they've embraced it. I would like to highlight the importance of listening to our pets' preferences. Just like humans, they have their own unique tastes and instincts when it comes to what's best for them. It's clear that Milo and Luna have made their choice, and Farmer's Dog is the clear winner in their eyes. Here's to many more happy and healthy mealtimes for your beloved furry friends!